Pixie naughty paws 💜
Pixie is such a sweet kitten, only about 8 months old, but is quite timid to begin with. At first, she was very hand-shy and wasn’t quite sure how to interact with humans properly, really wanting to be stroked and purring when you talk to her but running away from you if you walked towards her or held out your hand.
She now loves to cuddle up to you and watch TV with you, and snoozes on her fosterers’ legs/chest/arms at night. Pixie definitely loves to play as you would expect, which is a great way to bring her out of her shell and she will run off with her favourite toys to store them somewhere for safe-keeping, but hasn’t quite got how to bring them back yet. She has taken to hopping up during Teams calls and trying to catch the mouse on the screen, but can’t work out why she can’t catch it or see it when she looks behind the monitor (she’s a smart cat!). She is obsessed with Dreamies and has managed to retrieve, tear open and eat a whole packet in the night 😲
Pixie arrived with Luna and wants to snuggle up, unfortunately the feeling isn’t reciprocated but Pixie could potentially be homed with another puss or as a single.
She’d like a garden away from busy roads and will need a little time to settle in.
Neutered, chipped,vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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